2/28/10 Taking Advantage Of Manipulation In Gold and Silver

Precious Metals Market Analysis, By Michael Pennington (Copyright 2010 Pennco Coins)

I don’t ordinarily recommend trying to time markets in the very short term.  However, there are enough observed patterns of manipulation that you can count on gold and silver moving preceisely as a result of the government’s interventions.  While nothing is ever perfect, and if you can live with the risk that once in a while things will not work out in your favor, the smaller investors can often get a 1-3% edge on trades by studying the patterns of gold and silver price suppression. As the gold and silver price manipulation tactics of the US government and its trading partners become more blatant and predictable, that enables smaller investors to take advantage of the patterns for their own financial benefit.
The first event is that every month, in the week that the options and commodity contracts expire on Tuesday and Thursday, there is a significant effort to push down gold and silver prices in advance of the COMEX closings.  The price suppression ends after the last Treasury debt auction on Thursday afternoon. If you’re interested in purchasing metals, you can usually pick up 2% by waiting to buy until after the options expiration.
Another event when you can count on the government to suppress the price of Silver and Gold is the day before Chairman Bernanke gives his monthly testimony to Congress. His minions like to make the Chairman look good by having the market respond in a pro-government manner i.e. suppressing Precious Metal prices.
Also, be very careful when there is bad government news or statistics being released. This includes like Unemployment Statistics, Housing starts, Retail Sales etc. A major effort is made to suppress the metals to send out the message that the market is ignoring the bad news or that the news really isn’t all that bad.
Remember, one of the government’s most pressing goals is to keep people from investing in gold and silver.


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