3/22/09 Goldman Sachs Is The Head Of The Snake

Precious Metals Market Analysis, By Michael Pennington (Copyright 2010 Pennco Coins)

Did you ever wonder why all banks in the U.S. have been under extreme pressure, except one. GS has managed to be the only investment company, now bank, to avoid any problems at all. In fact, their stock is still above $100 per share. Of course, Paulson, Summers, Greenspan and many others came from GS. In fact, most of the Treasury Department is made up of former GS employees. They are the FED’s agent of record, and they make billions every quarter by trading on their own account before carrying out the specific requests of the FED. Their restrictions on profits only depend on their conscience not to be too obvious.

GS was allowed to become a bank with unlimited borrowing at 0% interest without collateral so they could further their scheme. In addition, they got an exemption from the bank rules that state they cannot take part in commodities or other derivatives. The best part is that since they didn’t take any direct government funding, they are exempt from the bonus payout restrictions. Well done.


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