I was one of the first to give you the true story behind the crime organization AIG. All of this noise last week about AIG bonuses was nothing more than a magician’s distraction. Senator Dodd specifically went out of his way to put the $218 million in bonus money in the recently passed Stimulus Bill. The President and the Secretary and many in Congress (although no one read the bill) knew the bonuses were put in the bill in the stealth of the night. Why? First, because AIG was one of the largest contributors to Senator Dodd and President Obama. This is a matter of record. Like all crime families you repay a “favor” with a “favor”. Second, AIG laundered billions of dollars to Goldman Sachs and numerous other overseas banks. The government knew the American public would be outraged by these giveaways. Instead, they paid the funds through AIG who in turn paid these other favored institutions. It is now a well-known fact that AIG has a large component of intelligence operations. How else could anyone explain why $350 billion has been “given” to a company who has a total stock value of $90 billion.
Here is a list provided by AIG given to Congressional aides: (Amount are in billions).
Goldman Sachs Group $12.9
Societe Generale 11.9
Deutsche Bank 11.8
Barclays PLC 8.5
Merrill Lynch 6.8
Bank of America Corp 5.2
UBS AG 5.0
BNP Paribas SA 4.9
HSBC Holdings PLC 3.5
Dresdner 2.

These foreign banks had to be paid because American banks and companies criminally “screwed” these banks by selling them worthless paper. The billions paid out were profits the scumbags walked away with, and then were bailed out by the FED and finally their criminal activity was covered up the regulators.
Third, the only people in AIG that received these bonuses were the ones in the Financial Division. The hard-working employees in the other divisions who actually made a profit for the stockholders received nothing. If it wasn’t so obvious, one might make the case that these bonuses were a hush money payment that no one will ever talk.
I am tired of writing about AIG and so I promise this is the last time you will see those initials in future writings.


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