3/29/09 Another Common Sense Solution

Precious Metals Market Analysis, By Michael Pennington (Copyright 2010 Pennco Coins)

On several occasions I have authored suggestions different than the administration’s debt ridden bailout of giving taxpayer funds to bankers who initially caused the problem. After all, you can’t criticize if you don’t have a better idea. Try this stupid approach out:

1.    Step One: Provide all current workers over the age of 50 with 1 million dollars. This is instead of giving the funds to the banks.

2.    Step Two: Require all those workers to retire immediately, which would open up approximately 4 million new jobs tomorrow.

3.    Step Three: Require all the funds to initially be deposited in their local bank. Liquidity opens up overnight.

4.    Step Four: Require all those with the million dollars to buy one new American car.

5.    Step Four: Require all of the millionaires to buy a new home, or refinance their present home.

The fact that something like this is never even considered is proof that these crooks in Washington do not have any interest in helping the public. They only care about helping those who can get them re-elected and kept in power. The rich need to get repaid for their support. They want the general public to be dependent on them. Ask any business person in the US today and they will tell you that it is more difficult right now than in any period in memory to run a profitable business. The untold federal guidelines, regulations, laws, conditions, environmental controls, political correctness, immigration pitfalls, taxes, etc make it nearly impossible to function without the fear of governmental reprisals. To make the economic matters worse, this environment of intimidation is getting worse. It appears that the ultimate goal will be to have a few government owned and managed mega global corporations. Small businesses will be hard to find. President Obama just fired the CEO of GM today. Maybe he needed to be fired, but in a capitalistic system, that’s the responsibility of the Board of Directors.


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