5/10/10 Audit The Fed Legislation Still Alive

Precious Metals Market Analysis, By Michael Pennington (Copyright 2010 Pennco Coins)

Some thirty or so years ago the FED was authorized to buy any debt from anywhere in the world to “stabilize markets”. Can you imagine what they bought? For a few months they actually published what they bought. Hundreds of millions from SA. Line after line of anonymous “debt”.

I am extremely confident there are literally tens of trillions on the books, to be paid by USA taxpayers in banker crony “debt” the FED bought in our name.

More up to date the FED bought bad debt from the big banks to the tune of some 2.5 trillion or so. This debt had been marked to market at about a dime on the dollar. What did the FED pay? Yep one dollar on the dollar.
Please watch the Video referenced below to see outrageous this scam works. The example discussed is the FED purchase of the Red Roof Inns. YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT’S TRUE!!
Meanwhile, the Fed is pulling out all stops in preventing this Ron Paul legislation from passing. Every politician on the payroll of the global elites will do whatever possible to prevent its passage.


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