The Cancer Killing America

By Michael Pennington © Copyright 2010 Pennco Coins

Cancer is the most dreaded disease of all because it is fatal eventually 100% of the time. It is rarely discovered early enough to cure it. My mother died of cancer at 59 and yet it was eating away at her stomach for probably 30 years. Today, America has a cancer that’s been eating at it for over 70 years. Yes, it’s the same cancer that killed the Roman Empire and others as well. The cancer is called government growth and all that goes with it. It probably started back in the day of FDR with the birth of the Social Security System. While some complained about its ultimate cost, most scoffed because it would only cost 1% of rich people’s paychecks, and after all the elderly deserved to be free from worry. Then the first Public Housing was built in 1937, followed by the Minimum Wage in 1938. And like most cancers, more and more programs were passed into law and the cancer spread. The pressure on gold-backed dollars grew so much that it was finally ended altogether. This allowed politicians to spend as much as they wanted without regard to having to pay the debt back. Everyone kept repeating that we are a rich nation and can do anything we want. We got soft and lazy and began to import foreigners to do our “hard work” for us. Public Housing grew and we started HUD to fix all that was broken. Then in 1965 we started Medicare to help care for the sick. Then in 1972 we began to print more started and handed it out in the form of Food Stamps. Wars were fought all over the globe, in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other nations to help protect us, but the end result was always printing more money. Today, we have bailed out many of our failing companies and institutions, a form of corporate cronyism because those in office can do anything they please without public accountability. The greatest creditor nation on earth has now become the greatest debtor nation on earth in a few short years. We now owe China over a Trillion dollars and it grows, like the government, every day. Illegal aliens are weighing mightily on a system already broken by its own excesses. Here we are today where those out of work, too old to work, trying to buy a house or a car, going to college or going for healthcare are all dependent on government programs. It’s no wonder that millions of Americans are now addicted to government handouts thanks to the cancer that is at the 95% fatality stage. As a result we have a worthless currency, unpayable debts, upcoming runaway inflation, and a huge underclass just trying to make it. The best and only way to fully protect yourself from the onslaught of these unstoppable changes is the ownership of precious metals. Yes, I would love to see smaller government, lower taxes and a quasi-gold backed currency that mandated fiscal responsibility. But with the elite’s control of the entire political process, it has been and still is bought and paid for. The politicians are not about to kill their golden goose. Now, the cancer is spreading to Europe and beyond. It’s only a matter of time…


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